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On issues related to the glass fiber cloth


1. Q, glass fiber cloth is made of what?

A: The glass fiber cloth is a glass ball or waste glass as raw materials at high temperature melting, drawing, winding, weaving and other crafts manufactured, the diameter of the monofilament of a few microns to twenty meters microns, equivalent to 1 / 20-1 / 5, each bundle fiber precursor root by hundreds or even thousands of filaments composed of a human hair.

2. ask, What are the characteristics of glass fiber cloth?
A: 1, for low temperature -196 ℃, high temperature between 300 ℃, with a weather resistant.
2, non-adhesive, easy to adhere to any substance.
3, chemical resistant, resistant to acid, alkali, aqua regia and various organic solvents.
4, low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating oil is the best choice.
5, the light transmission rate of 6 to 13%.
6, with high insulation properties, UV protection, anti-static.
7, the high strength. It has good mechanical properties.
8, chemical resistance

3. Q. What is the role of glass fiber cloth is?
A: glass fiber cloth in the end was asked what role? Like the same house with reinforced concrete structure. The role of glass fiber cloth like steel, glass reinforced steel plays a role.

4. Q, glass fiber cloth can be used in what areas?
A: glass fiber cloth used for hand lay a craft, glass fiber reinforced materials Gebu mainly in the hull, tanks, cooling towers, ships, vehicles, tanks, building construction materials. Glass fiber cloth is mainly used in industry: thermal insulation, fire retardant. The material was taken up in a lot of heat when the flame burning and to prevent flame through, cut off the air.

5. Q, glass fiber cloth which classification?
A: 1, according to the composition: mainly alkali, alkali, high-alkali (Is the glass fiber alkali metal oxide components classification), and of course there are also classified by other components, but too much variety, not enumerate.
2, according to the manufacturing process: crucible drawing and Chiyaolasi.
3, according to Variety: There are plied yarn, direct yarn, jet yarn.
Another is by a single fiber diameter, TEX number, twist, wetting agent to distinguish type.
Glass fiber cloth and yarn classification classification is the same, in addition to the above, further comprising: weave, weight and amplitude.

6. Q, glass fiber cloth and glass materials What is the difference?
A: glass fiber cloth and glass main material are not very different, mainly due to the material requirements of different production, therefore some differences on the formula. Plate glass silica content of about 70 - 75%, the silica glass fiber content is generally 60% or less.
Glass is an inorganic material after melting temperature (over 800 degrees, the general daily glass melting at 1100 degrees.), At a temperature below the softening point, not chemical changes. Temperature above the softening point, it is only soften, melt or decompose, will not burn phenomenon.
Glass fiber glass cloth is drawn into a very fine glass, this time to have a good glass of softness. The glass silk spinning into yarn, and then through the loom can weave fiberglass cloth. Since the surface area of the glass fine, per unit mass is great, so heat resistance decreased. Like candles can also melt as thin copper wire.
But glass does not burn. We can see in fact to improve the combustion properties of glass fiber cloth, and the resin material in the surface of the coated glass fiber cloth, or impurities attached. After the pure glass fiber cloth or a coating of some high-temperature paint, you can make fire-resistant clothing, gloves, fire-resistant, fire-resistant blanket for a class of products. However, if direct contact with the skin, broken skin irritation fiber is relatively large, it will itch.

7. Q, fiberglass cloth and fiberglass What is the difference?
A: The glass fiber cloth is to produce FRP material products, glass and steel is actually a composite plastic, the use of glass fiber and resin, curing agent, promoting agent material after curing all kinds of craft made of composite molding.

8. Q: glass fiber cloth with CFRP What is the difference?
A: The glass fiber cloth is white, CFRP is black. Low strength glass fiber cloth, high strength CFRP.

9. Q, glass fiber cloth is not accidentally get on your clothes or body how to do?
A: Most conventional glass fiber filament diameter of 9-13 microns, 6 microns or less fiberglass floats, pipe directly into the lungs, can cause respiratory disease, so pay special attention to 6 microns or less are now generally more imports . Professional production operations must wear masks. If frequent contact may breathe lungs, causing pneumoconiosis.
If it is stained glass fiber body, bad skin allergies is itching, but generally do not have great harm, bad skin may be starting small, it is allergies, eat like a drug allergy .
If the clothes get more difficult to remove, in a windy place more beat several times, washed and dried after beating beaten with tree branches more easily removed, more tapping several times!

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