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Jiangsu Esone New Material Co Ltd was founded in the year of 1990 It is located in Dasheng Industrial Zone Taixing City Jiangsu Province After so many years development Youngsun is now a professional manufacturer specialized in processing PTFE and related fluorine chemical products and covering an area of 20000 square meters with more 200 employees Younsun introduced advanced large high speed production technology and control the whole process by automatic flow operation which is equipped with modern inspecting facilities We also have an excellent team consisting of experienced engineers as well as skillful technicians and workers which have provided powerful guarantee for our product...

Categories and Products

PTFE Coated Glass Fabric

PTFE Fabric Premium

Heat-Resistant PTFE Coated Glass Fabric High Temperature Resist Non Stick PTFE Belt High Temperature Resist PTFE coated fiberglass cloth PTFE coated fiberglass cloth for laminating machine PTFE laminated sheet Smooth Non Stick Surface ptfe fabric Plain Woven Type Fiberglass Cloth Excellent Release Property Non Stick PTFE Coated Fabrics Teflon Pillow for Heat Printing PTFE Pillow For Heat Printing Cloth Teflon sheet for heat press Teflon coated fiberglass Fabrics for Printed Circuit Board PTFE Glass Coated Fabric YS9035AJ PTFE coated glass fiber fabric YS9008AJ ptfe coated fiber glass cloth for compression moulding 

PTFE Coated Glassfiber Fabric Standard

PTFE Coated Fabric Tape PTFE Coated Glass Fabric Hign Temperature Resist Non stick PTFE Fabric PTFE Fiberglass Fabric for heat insulation High Temperature Resist PTFE Coated Anti Static Fabric Non stick High Heat Resist PTFE Coated Fiberglass High Temperature Resist PTFE Coated Glass Cloth High Temperature Resist Expanded PTFE Coated Glass Cloth Porous /breathable PTFE Fabrics for peel ply Fiberglss Cloth Coated with Liquid PTFE High Quality PTFE Coated Fiberglass Cloth PTFE Coated Heat Resistant Fabric Heat Resistant Non stick PTFE Coated Glass Cloth 

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric Industrial

Non-Stick PTFE Coated Fabrics/Glass Cloth Non-stick PTFE Laminating Machine Cloth High Temperature Resist PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics Non stick PTFE Fiberglass Laminate Sheet High Temperature Resisit PTFE Coating Fabrics Heat Resistant Non stick PTFE Coated Fabrics Non Stick High Temperature Fabric Cloth PTFE laminated fabric for solar cell laminating machine High Heat Industrial PTFE Fabrics Nonstick Laminator Sheet PTFE Sheets PTFE Glass Cloth YS9011AJ High strength Tear Resistant PTFE conevey belt High strength Tear Resistant PTFE fabrics for converying Non-stick PTFE coated glass fabrics for sealing machine High glossy PTFE coated fabric for industry 

PTFE Heavy Belt Series

Teflon Coated Cloth for composited wood curing 

Anti Static PTFE Coated Glass Fabric

Anti-static heat Resistant PTFE Coated Fabrics High Heat Resist Non Stick PTFE antistatic fabrics Glass Fiber Coated with PTFE Properties 

Porous PTFE Fabric

Porous PTFE Fabric which is breathable PTFE breathable fabric,Peel Ply PTFE Cloth TACONIC porous PTFE fiberglass fabric Porous PTFE fabric with rough surface Porous PTFE coated fabric 

Thermal Insulation Jacket

PTFE Thermal Insulation Jacket PTFE Valve Insulation Blanket PTFE Removable Insulation Covers Both Side PTFE impregnated Fabrics PTFE Fabric for Insulation Jacket 

PTFE Adhesive Tape

Self Adhesive PTFE Tape without Release Paper

PTFE Adhesive Tape Products Self-wound adhesive tape with different thickness PTFE Coated High Temperature Heat Resistant Tape PTFE Coated Fiberglass Adhesive Tape Products PTFE Fiber Glass Fabric with adhesive PTFE Fiberglass Industrial Adhesives Heat resistant PTFE Tape Temperature PTFE Fiberglass Industrial Tape Nom stick PTFE Fiberglass Industrial Tape Non-stick PTFE Adhesive Sheet for packing machine Non Stick PTFE Fiberglass High Temperature Heat Tape High Heat Resistant Tape for bag-sealing machine Heat Insulating Tape for heat-insulation, heat-sealing PTFE Coated High Temperature Adhesives Tape High Heat Resisit PTFE Chemical Resistance Tape Heat Resistant PTFE Teflon Tape Heat Resistant PTFE Sealing Tapes Heat Resistant Teflon Coated Fabrics Heat Release Tape which has superior quality Thermal Spray Masking Tape 

PTFE Adhesive With Release Paper

Adhesive PTFE Silicone Non Stick PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tape PTFE Silicone Adhesive with yellow liner Heat resistant Yellow PTFE Tape for packing and sealing Self Adhesive Heat Resistant PTFE Glass Tape PTFE Coated Heat Resistant Insulation Tape Non-stick Insulated Heat Resistant Adhesive PTFE Tape The Best PTFE Tape which has superior property Hign Temperature Resist Self Adhesive PTFE Sheet Black Brown or White PTFE Glass Tape PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric with adhesive Hot sell High Quality PTFE material with Adhesive Good Quality High Temperature Resist ptfe film Non Stick Surface PTFE Glass Cloth Tape Non-stick PTFE Coated Heat Resistant Tapes Bag seamling PTFE adhesive tape PTFE fabric with adhesive/PTFE adhesive tape High temperature resistance PTFE Tapes Thermal Spray Masking Tapes PTFE Spray Masking Tape 

Skived PTFE Film Adhesive Tape

Skived PTFE Film pressure sensitive adhesive tape Skived PTFE Adhesive Film Tape 

PTFE Fabric Belt

Seamless Belt For Fusing Machine

PTFE Fusing Machine Belt Fusing machine belt for oshima op450 Non stick Seamless PTFE Conveyor Belts High Temperature Resist PTFE Conveyor Belt Fusion Belt with Kevlar edge reinforcement and guiding rope PTFE Seamless Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer Nonstick Teflon Belt for Hot Sealing 

PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belts

Food Grade Heat Resistant PTFE mesh conveyor belt PTFE open mesh conveyor belt for dyeing machine Heat-resistance PTFE Dryer Belt Non-stick Heat-resistance belt for drying machine Non Stick Surface Ptfe Mesh Conveyor Belt High Quality Non Stick Surface Conveyor Belt PTFE Mesh Good Quality High Heat Resist ptfe conveyor belts Non Stick Surface Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer Heat resistance PTFE Coated Fiberglass mesh Fabric PTFE Coated Non stick Mesh Conveyor Belt Non-stick Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts Nonwoven Fabric Conveyor Belt Non-stick PTFE mesh belt for drying plant Non-stick PTFE mesh convery belt for drying machine Porous open PTFE mesh belt for printing Porous 1x1 PTFE open mesh belt for printing PTFE double weft mesh convey belt for drying Heat resistant PTFE open mesh for packing machine High quality PTFE mesh conveyor belt for printing Non-stick PTFE mesh conveyor for industry 

PTFE Laminated Belt

PTFE Laminated Belt High Temperature Resist Laminated PTFE Belts Non-stick Heat Resistant Tabber Stringer Belt PTFE Bag Sealing Belts Heat resistant PTFE Sealer Belts Teflon Belts for Laminator 

Teflon Welding Belts

Teflon Welding Belts PTFE Belt for Tabber Machines Teflon Belts for Textiles 

Silicone Rubber Coated Glass Fabric

One Side Coated Silicone Fabric

silicone coated fabric 

Double Side Silicone Coated Fabric

Silicone Fabric Coating for Pipeline jacket High Gloss Silicone Coating Fabric silicone coated fiberglass fabric 17.5 oz silicone coated fabrics Non-stick and heat resistant silicone baking mat 

Silicone Rubber Adhesive Tape

Silicone Rubber Adhesive Tape Silicone Coated Fabric with Adhesive Silicone Adhesive Tape Silicone Coated Adhesive Fabrics 

Silicone Toaster Belts

Silicone Belts with Clip for Roundup Toaster 

Fluorine Rubber Coated Glass Fabric

One Side Coated Fluorine Fabric

One Side Coated Fluorine Fabric 

Double Side Fluorine Coated Fabrics

Double Side Heat Insulators Fluorin Coated Fabrics 

PTFE & Silicone Fabrics for Food

Oven Crispy Basket/Tray

Stove Top Protector Non-stick PTFE Pizza Screen Non-stick and Reusable Oven Crispy Basket Set of 2 Non-Stick Oven Crisper Trays Non-stick Oven Crisper Basket Oven Crisper Mesh Basket Non stick set of 3 Oven Crisper Mesh Non stick Oven Crisper Basket 

Non-Stick Silicone Mats

Half Size, Three Packed Silicone Baking Sheets Full Size Non-stick Silicone Baking Mats FDA & LFGB Certificated Silicone Mat Hot selling Cook essential Silicone Mats Non-stick Slicone Mat with Best Quality Silicone Baking Sheet as QVC TV shopping Heat-resistance & Reusable Silicone Mat FDA Approval Durable Silicone Oven Liners Wonderfully Non Stick Silicone Baking Mat Baking Essensial Silicone Pastry Mat Medium Size Silicone Cookie Sheet Non-Stick Solution of Silicone Bakeware Silicone Pastry Rolling Mat Hot-selling Heat Resistant Silicone Mat Super Non-stick Silicone Cooking Mat Macaron Baking Mat specially designed for Bakers 2016 New Reusable Large Silicone Mat for Baking Easy to Clean Silicon Baking Mats Hot-sell Silicone Mat Baking in Amazon and TV shopping Silicone Baking Liners for Silpat and Artisan 

Non-Stick Oven Liner & Baking Liner

Non Stick Easy Clean PTFE Best Oven Liner Non-stick Reusable Oven Liner LFGB&FDA certificated Ptfe cooking mat/oven liner Amazon Best Sellers Easy Clean Non Stick Oven Liners 2016 New Super Non-stick Set of 3 Heavy Duty Oven Liner 2016 Best Oven Liner with Super Non-stick Surface Easy to clean Gas Oven Liner FDA Certificated Toaster Oven Liner Oven Liners For Electric Ovens Easy to Clean Foil Oven Liners LFGB Approved Foil Oven Liner Non-stick Aluminum Oven Liners 

Toaster Bags

Reusable and Non-stick Toaster bags Resuable non-stick Ptfe toaster bag Non-stick PTFE Reusable Toaster Bag Heat resistance Toast Bag Sandwich bag High quality PTFE toast bag Non-stick toaster bag with customer logo Non Stick Reusable Toaster Bags 

Non-Stick BBQ Grilling Mat & Mesh & Basket

Reusable, dishwasher safe, non-stick PTFE BBQ Grill Mats PTFE Reusable Heavy-Duty Grill BBQ Mats Non-Stick Set of 2 Barbecue Mat PFOA Free and Non-stick Grill Mat BBQ Set of 3 non-stick BBQ mat /grilling mat/mesh mat High Quality Food Grade Non-stick BBQ Grill Mesh Non-Stick BBQ Grill Sheet As Seen on TV Hot-selling Grill Pad in Amazon and TV Shopping Best Grill Mat PFOA and BPA FREE BBQ grill mat used on any BBQ Grill or as Pan Liner Barbecue grill mats which are Non-stick and Reusable PFOA Free Non stick Outdoor Grill Mat FDA Approved Non-stick Grill Mesh Sheet FDA Certificated Non-stick Miracle Mat LFGB Certificated PFOA Free BBQ Grill Mat How to Buy Miracle Grill Mat Miracle Grill with Non-stick BBQ Mat As Seen On TV Grill Mat and 500F Safe to use Grill Sheets are the best tool for BBQ Durable and Food grade Grill Pads 

Silicone Pastry Mat

Silicone fondant mat 

PTFE Thread Seal Tape

High elongation PTFE Sealing Tape 100% Pure PTFE Thread Tape PTFE Thread Seal for Gas Fittings and Sealing PTFE Thread Sealing Tape PTFE Tape Gas for sealing Gas or Water sealing PTFE Sealing Tape High quality PTFE Heat Sealing Tape Good Quality Seal Tape PTFE Thread Good Quality PTFE Thread Sealing Tape High Quality Ptfe Seal Tape 

Fluorescent Starter

Fluorescent Light Starters High quality starter fluorescent strip light starter Hot-selling fluorescent starters fluorescent tube starter fluorescent light starter Fluorescent lamp starter Starter for fluorescent light electronic fluorescent starter 

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